Vintage, MGM Studios Movie Prop, Mans Full Roman Armor, Helmet & Shoes, Possible Ben Hur Used

Vintage & very well made costume in good condition  Movie Prop from MGM studios. Full Roman Armor, Helmet with plume, tie up sandal style shoes. Armor has full length red cap with ties, Two piece Plastic armor pieces with metal fasteners, Below armor are wide red tassels. Breast armor is 22" tall. On inside of armor is marked with MGM37, MGM64, (25), (11). Helmet good condition with Plume & side plates. Tall Sandal style shoes made of leather with nice red color.  Full suit of armor used in the moves by MGM studios. The MGM marks with no. 37 can be date & also the MGM 64. They used their props, especially the very well made ones for different movies all through the years and this one would have been perfect for their move Ben Hur made in 1959.