WWII B-17 Waist gun Mission diary & Group 602BS

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Great WWII Grouping belonging to S/Sgt. Raymond C. Jendrezweski, Waist Gunner on B-17, 398 Bomb Group/602 Bomb Sqd. Grouping consist of his Mission diary & Envelope, dress Jacket, Gunner wings, Crew wings, Bars with oak leave cluster, battle & other bars, 5 books on where he trained & was stationed. Copy of photo of Boehme's Crew, including Jendrezweski, taken in 1944 with mission info. There is also numerous newpaper clippings & a couple of his military papers. Probably the best of the  grouping is Jendrezweski Mission diary consisting of 23 missions. This handwritten diary starting in 6-44 when bombing Roven, France tells about, in each entry, about German fighters, Me109s, bombing FW 190 plants in Germany, numerous entries on flack hitting their aircraft, bombings mainly in France & Germany. Tells about B-17s landing on buildings & about bombers being hit & going down & some that had to crash land. He talks about crew members being killed by flack coming inside the planes. There is a lot of info in this diary on what went on in those flying fortress & includes the envelope that he sent it home in 1945.  Both wings marked sterling & the metal's bars look to have been on his uniform. Nice Sgt's wing pins. A lot of newspaper clipping that his family probably kept while he was in the war. Standard enlisteman's dress jacket with Army air corp patch on shoulder & army air corp wing pins on front with one AAC pin with nice USA cluster attached & has the WWII patch. Must have been one of his early jackets as it has corp. stripes.The books that are with the grouping showing where he had trained are gunners school, Las Vegas, Nv. Hunter Field, Buckingham Army Air field, Keesler Field, Miss. & AAF Redistribution Station No.2 Miami. A really nice WWII B-17 Waist gunner's mission diary & grouping  belonging to S/Sgt. Raymond Jendrezweski.