WWII Battle Used Japanese Type 95 NCO Samurai Sword/Scabbard

A definite battle used Type 95 Japanese NCO sword & scabbard which was used during WWII & this one was not cleaned after pickup by one of our US soldiers probably on one of the island battlefields. This sword shows battle use & has not been taken apart at the handle from the blade since the war. The shields have crusting in between so they are fixed. They could be cleaned & taken apart but I like the sword the way it came back from WWII. The blade is 27 1/2"L, overall 36 1/4"L & in the scabbard 38 1/4"L. The serial number on the blade is 116651 & has the arsenal mark. Blade is still bright with a few small blemishes & has very small nick at the middle. The aluminum grip wrapping & menuki is cast. Handle is good used condition with traces of the original brown paint intact. Brass tsuba has great uncleaned dark patina as the two washers have not been messed with. The original metal lock spring is in good used condition & works properly. Copper fuchi has nice patina with clear arsenal markings from Tokyo. This early type NCO swords were carried by career soldiers & used as a primary weapon. Steel scabbard is the dark brown style in good battle used condition with carryings ring intact. No dents & has different serial number 92774. This was common during the war. Original Battle used, uncleaned, Type 95 Japanese NCO Sword/Scabbard no doubt brought back by a WWII US Soldier.