WWII,Log/Diary,Scrap Books,G1 Navy Jacket, A.L.Huckaby

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WWII Grouping of G-1 Navy Leather flight Jacket, Log Book/Diary of missions of the B-24 that Huckaby flew on & Scrap book of Huckaby's. Leather flight jacket with USN on back of Collar is in used condition. Leather is good & supple, frayed cuffs & waist, lining is gone. Log Flight Book tells about bombing ships/Islands, being shot at by Japanese, He flew the bomber for an hour, Holes in plane by Ack Ack, special patrols, 104s crew-Plane down. Scrap book of Huckaby's has history of 106th Squadron by John T. Hayward, Newspaper clipping on Huckaby & others, Induction papers, ration card, beer chit, cigarette ration card, millitary papers, Christmas card, Newspapers from Carrier & paper from base where they were. Huckaby was in the Navy's first land based Liberator b-24, PB4YS bomber squadron in the SW Pacific. He started out as a tail gunner & later became bombadier. Log book Signed by commander John T. Hayward who was a pilot  and Squadron commander  whose units destroyed 43 Jap ships & damaged 54 other ships. Later in 44 he helped develop the Atomic Bomb drooped on Nagasaki. The log book tells of the bombings, flight times, dates. Huckaby was a bombadier & saw more than 8 mos.of combat duty with a patrol sqadron which had one of the most impressive Records of the Destruction against the Japanese of any Naval Squadron. All of these items belonged to A.L. Huckaby of Exeter, Calif. & came directly from the family.