WWII, Pics, Crew#49,62, B-17,Id'ed 602 Bomb Sqd

Wwii  pics  crew 49 62  b 17 id'ed 602 bomb sqd files20170912 28047 1dkq5os
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Nice set of identified Bomber crew pics of WWII B-17 units. First large photo of Crew members of Crew 49, 398 Bomb grp/602BSqd. which is 2nd Lt. Normand E. klare Pilot. The rest of crew is identifiedl on the back of the photo with their B-17. There are 24 other small pics all dated 1944 which shows the cockpit, pilot & co pilot in cocpit, waist gunner in plane & other pics showing insided of plane & pics of the different crew member outside the plane. These guys flew missions over France & Germany mainly in 1944 & 45.The other large pics shows the crew members & B-17F of crew 62, also of the 602BS. 2nd Lt. Richard D. Cromwell, Pilot. All crew members are identified on the back of the photo which is matted. On the front of the photo is written "A very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year  Love, Otto. This pics belonged to Sgt. Otto W.Baumann-1st Engineer Gunner (Upper Turret Oper). All images are in great condition with clear writings on the back. Nice WWII Identified B-17 Crew & Plane photos.