An Excellent Zerelda, Cased Jesse James Revolver

A really Excellent piece of Western History. A nicely Cased Spanish S&W copy of the large Framed Russian model Revolver in a nice Wooden case with original Letter & bill of Sale from 1887 & original Tintype of August Suborn of the NorthField, Minn.  which has on its cover August Suborn  help to killed in Northfield, Minnesota 1870 Chas. Pitts, Chadwell Miller with Younger Bros.  Jacoby Photo Minneapolis, on the James Younger gang  raid. The original handwritten letter from 1887 from Doctor Peter McCurdy relates how he was in Kearney, Mo. &  met Zerelda Samuels who was in dire plight of impoversishment & agreed to sell him one of her son's (Jesse James) revolvers. He writes he was very sympathetic with her plight & hoped these few poltry dollars will ease her worldly burden.  Zerelda also hand wrote him an invoice which is in the case with the letter, stating : Bill of Sale to Dr. P McCurdy for my son Jesse James pistol. May it only be used for good by a good man. Zerelda Samuel August 14, 1887.  These papers along with the image of August Suborn was placed under glass in the lid of the nicely done wooden case for the revolver. Dr. McCurdy has this case made for the revolver & had had an inset which looks like ivory with Jesse's Gun on it. The top of the case has a brass shield with brass J J applied. The Doctor really took to heart that he had one of Jesse James' revolvers. Inside the grips in white paint read J. james revolver & on the other grip inside has collection of & hard to read the rest. The revolver is a Spanish copy of the large frame S&W Russian model revolver, of the 1870s period, in large .45 cal. Top break which still works has the serial nos. on the cylinder side of trigger guard & inside one of the grips. On the outside of the left hand grip is carved J J which was probably done by Zerelda. An Excellent Zerelda, Cased Jesse James Revolver Barrel has Spanish markings on top. Action works well. Trigger guard has the large loop for finger. Revolver has seen a lot of use. It was latter known & written about that Zerelda has sold quite a few guns as her son Jesses to people who came by her farm. Dr. McCurdy was sure that he had been sold by Zerelda one of Jesses' guns & went to a lot of trouble having the case made for it.