Civil War M1859 Sharps Carbine with Arsenal Restock

Civil War M1859 Sharps percussion carbine, .52 cal. with what is possibly Confederate restock both backstock & forearm from a British M1853 Enfield musket. Standard Sharps carbine with sharps & Lawrence markings on lockplate, New Model 1859 on barrel along with standard Sharps Mfr. markings. R.S. Lawrence markings on rear sight. Standard breech with lever & standard hammer & front barrel band & front sight. Standard carbine sling bar & carbine ring intact.  Backstock is expertly, period attached with British enfield stock & brass buttplate. Wood has nice mellow patina. Forearm also expertly formed from British stock with nice enfield tiger finish.  This would not be something different as after the many battles in the war weapons would be picked up and brought to the different southern arsenals for repair. Damaged stocks would be replaced on muskets, carbines, etc & they would have used whatever wood or parts they had to get the weapons serviceable again. This happened throughout the CW as the Southern army needed all the weapons they could get. This Sharps replaced stock looks to have been on together forever & had to have been done by an arsenal person & shows the age. Enfield stocks would have been around in considerable nos. as from use by the Confederate Army. A really unique Civil War Sharps carbine with restock from Enfield.Civil War M1859 Sharps Carbine with Arsenal Restock