CS, L. Haiman & Bro. Columbus, Ga. M1833 Dragoon Officer's Sword with Engraved Blade & with Scabbard

A M1833 Dragoon Officer's sword & scabbard in which the blade was fully engraved by L. Haiman & Bro. Columbus, Ga. & put  back into service for the Civil War. Haiman, at the beginning of the CW got all the swords he could from Southern arsenals & anywhere to fix for CS enlisted men or with engraved blades for Confederate Officers. Standard M1833 Dragoon Officer's sword with 34" slightly curved blade & quill back. These Dragoon officer's sword are quite rare with inspector marks which this sword has. This sword was originally made by Ames, Springfield, Mass. in the 1830s & 40s. Sword was popular in the Mexican war. The inspected Dragoon officers swords are quite scarce.  The blade has the Gov't JM mark on the blade & on the quill on of the guard. The blade on this sword has deep engraving with floral & scroll work. On one side the blade at the ricasso has L. Haiman & Bro. Columbus, Ga. above that in a section has floral with a Devil head in the middle, above that another section has mainly floral & the section engraved above has floral & a large Spread Wing chicken Eagle. On the other side of the blade in the first section engraved with floral & large elaborate C.S.A.  section above that is largely floral & scroll & above that engraved with floral & scroll. The quill back is engraved with leaves up the blade. the blade has a gray patina & the fighting edge has where the blade had been period sharped with a file & small amount went into edges of the engravings. This officer's sword definitely saw action. The brass guard has a nice mellow patina with a 37 stamped above the quill on.  The quill on has gov't inspector JM. The main branch on this three branch guard has a small bend. The wood grip is good used condition with a cut out below the pommel on one side. The original leather wrap has around 60% intact & has all the coiled twisted wire wrap intact. The steel scabbard in good used condition with Gov't inspector's marks Jm, same as blade & guard & on the other side of drag is more Gov't marks. Rings are missing on this scabbard.  A really rare Haiman engraved Cavalry Officer's sword which went directly into Confederate service. I found a CS Haiman Staff & Field officers sword engraved also with the Devil's head & also found a M1833 with Haiman Engraved blade which Kevin Hoffman had on his site & sold years ago. the style of engraving on that sword is almost the same & probably done by the same engraver. A super Confederate L. Haiman & Bro. Cavalry Officer's sword.