Excellent CW Model 1854 LeFaucheux Revolver

Dscn465120180404 23308 jroray
Excellent condition on this Civil War LeFaucheux Pinfire Revolver. Standard 12MM LeFaucheux revolver mfrd in their Belgium factory at Leige with Serial no. 33795 which is in the nos. sent over here for the American Civil War either North or South. 6 shot revolver with cavalry  style  trigger guard . Smooth metal with traces of blueing on barrel , some case colors on frame & a lot of original blueing on the cylinder. Nice wood grips with normal dings. Side of barrel frame marked with E.Lefaucheux  INVr Brevete & Crown over N . Cylinder mkd in oval ELG* &  crown over N & crown over L . Frame mkd 33795 . Action is excellent. Loading gate intact along with the lanyard ring on butt.  These revolvers were used a lot by both sides during  the Civil War. I've owned aa lot of these revolvers over the years & this is one of the better conditioned LeFaucheux. I've had.