Martial, M1851 Army Navy Colt Composite Revolver, Possible Confederate arsenal

Well worn M1851 Colt Army Navy Martial US marked Percussion Revolver composite. Standard M1851 Colt Navy frame, barrel, loading lever & hammer with early Serial no. of 50794 stamped on each (1856) Small US under Colt Patent stamping on left side of frame. This is a US gov't marking on US Military issued revolvers called army navies. standard 6 shot, .36 cal. Cylinder rod is completely smooth & is probably an CS arsenal replacement. Cylinder on this revolver is a british Colt Navy with the british marks. The back strap, Trigger guard & wood grips are off of an early Colt Army revolver with serial nos. 25286 (1862) on back strap & trigger guard. These all look to have been on this revolver forever. The patina is the same on all parts. The wood grips have a large cutout at bottom for a leather strap & is showing a lot of use & wear. The wedge on this revolver is plain with no numbers & is worn & at times loose. The early New York City Colt address is mostly there. Unusual loading lever attachment at the end of the barrel which has been moved back a little for the loading lever latch to fit. The loading lever is original to this revolver as the serial no. 0794 which matches the frame & barrel are still intact. The action works good on this well used revolver. Very possible this is a reworked revolver from a Confederate Arsenal or could be a gunsmith rework from after the war. A unique well used Martial Army Navy Colt perucssion Revolver.